The Differences among RX, RS and RB Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizers

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The Differences among RX, RS and RB Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizers

RX Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer
There’re 3 different types of vacuum emulsifier homogenizers in our product range, RX, RS and RB. All of them are suitable to make oil and water emulsions and are our main products. The main differences among these 3 types are listed in the table below. Please choose the suitable type according to your requirements.
Max. Size5000 liters2000 liters5000 liters
ApplicationCream, lotion, ointment, toothpasteCream, lotion, ointmentCream, lotion, ointment, toothpaste
HomogenizerBottom entry vertical inline homogenizerTop entry batch homogenizerHorizontal inline homogenizer
AgitatorHoled anchor agitator with bafflesContra rotating agitatorHoled anchor agitator with baffles
Counter rotating agitator
Particle Size2 micro meters5 micro meters2 micro meters
Emulsifying FunctionBetterGoodBetter
Viscosity ProcessedHighMediumHigh
Product CirculationYesNoYes
Self PumpingYesNoYes
Tank TiltableNoYesNo / Yes
Cooling SystemNo need for mechanic sealNo need for mechanic sealNo need for mechanic seal
Powder ProcessedMoreLessMore
Temperature ProbeTop entryBottom entryBottom entry

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Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizer

1What kinds of mixer machinery do you manufacture?
Ginhong specialize in manufacturing vacuum emulsifying homogenizers and high shear mixers for semi-solids/creams and liquids. Liquid/liquid and liquid/powder are the main applications. We also make some horizontal ribbon mixers for powders.
2What’s the delivery time?
Generally speaking, the delivery time is between 30 to 60 days for vacuum homogenizer mixer and multi-shaft mixer. For mixing tank, homogenizer and high speed disperser, the delivery time is between 30 to 45 days. Anyway, it all depends how busy we are when you put the order. We can overwork to finish your mixer machinery if you have special requirements on delivery time.
3How about the quality of the mixer?
We’ll test every mixer before shipment to ensure it works well whether you come to inspect it or not. It will not be shipped if it has any problem. So you don’t need to worry about the quality. Actually some customers haven’t come to our factory yet although they had placed several orders from us.
4What is the payment term?
Generally, we take 30% of total amount as down payment, which should be wired by T/T. The 70% balance will be paid by T/T after you inspect your mixer system before shipment. We also accept letter of credit although it takes more expenses. But our bank should confirm your opening bank’s credit first.

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