An Industrial Mixer & Blender Manufacturer.


There’re hundreds of industrial mixer suppliers in this world. Is there any good reason that Ginhong is more suitable for you? Please read the following reasons carefully and then ask yourself a question, why don’t I choose Ginhong?


Taking advanced mixing technology, Ginhong manufactures a variety of stainless steel mixers and blenders used to make liquids, semi-solids and powders in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.


Ginhong has a detailed knowledge of mixing process requirements by application. The versatility of Ginhong’s industrial blender is evident that they are equally as valuable and adaptable across a number of industries.


When we test our commercial mixers and blenders, we usually take the videos of each process and upload them on YouTube. Watch the videos which may also be suitable for your requirements.

Industrial mixer and blender by advanced mixing technology.

Ginhong’s main products include vacuum homogenzier mixervacuum emulsifying mixer, vacuum emulsifier mixer, high shear mixer, and other vacuum mixers. With customers all over the world, and serving industries as diverse as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and chemicals, Ginhong has become one of the top manufacturers in the field of industrial mixing and blending.

The success is based on the professionalism and commitment Ginhong shows to each of our customer’s unique requirements. Whether supplying machines from standard range of commercial mixers or designing equipment specifically to meet an individual customer’s needs, quality is always the first concern and is well guaranteed.

Developing and applying new techniques on mixing process to meet customer’s increasing needs, Ginhong has the experience, knowledge and commitment to both quality and service to solve today’s mixing needs and those of the future.

Our Company

Ginhong is a professional Chinese manufacturer of industrial mixers and blenders. Adopting advanced mixing technologies, Ginhong keeps growing and has become one of the top stainless steel mixer suppliers in China.

We manufacture a wide section of mixers including homogenizer mixers, emulsifying mixers, emulsifier mixers, mixer machines, multi shaft mixers, high shear mixers and planetary mixers etc for both domestic and international customers. Our commercial mixers and blenders are mainly used for liquids, semi-solids/creams and powders in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals and allied industries.

Our customers love us…

Dear Mr. Wang,

I would like to express my appreciation for your exquisite service and for the high quality equipment you are manufacturing.
Please find the picture of part of the equipment you have manufactured for me.

Doron Valency
Bio Direct Ltd. – Netanya, Israel

Machine works perfectly. You’d made an excellent equipment. Very reliable and easy to operate. My worker loves it.

Ken Wong
GMP Global Nutrition, Inc. - Chino, USA

The vacuum homogenizer mixer which we bought from you is working well at the moment. We are going to make a profilactic test and we rely on your assistance in case we need something for it.

I spoke with the Bulgarian company who has also ordered such mixer from you, and I confirmed you are a serious and good working company.

Grudimir Grudev
Azimuth 6000 Ltd - Pomorie, Bulgaria

Our visitation to Ginhong’s plant has been a very fruitfull one and enjoyable. The factory is very well established with very experince sales team like Mr Luke. All technical matters have been very detail explained and clarified previous to our purchase, of course with very competitive price offered too.
Every components of the machine received in good condition. Furthermore, the in line mixer really makes wonder! The final products are pretty smooth and well mixed.
All in all, thumbs up and highly recommended machine manufacturer. Well done Mr Luke.

Kingway Foods Industry Co - Alor Setar, Malaysia

Yes, I am very satisfied with it. It is running well and I could use it for liquid substance and cosmetic cream too. The result is very smooth. I made a good investment and am pleased to collaborate with.

I am very satisfied for inline mixer. It is very useful for us. You are a true professional. I hope we can work together in the future.

S. G.
Alba, Romania

Hi Luke,

It is so funny that you emailed me this morning because just yesterday was the first time that we got to use all of the new machines that we bought from you.  They worked wonderfully!!!!  The lotion turned out beautiful!  Your equipment was very easy to operate and took away a lot of human errors that we sometimes had with making our lotions in large pots.  The cleaning of the equipment was quick and easy also. 

I would more than happy to show the equipment to any of your potential customers!  If they can’t make the trip out to Glenwood, New Mexico, tell them to just call me and I can answer any questions over the phone.  

Thanks for everything Luke!

Kristine Shoberg
Udder Delight, Inc. - Glenwood, USA

Everyhing is fine with the machine. We have done various products and the results have been excellent. Still learning how to drive it properly for the different types of products (time, speed etc).

We have the mixer working very nicely now. Very good batch times. 3 batches X 100kg in 2hrs 20 minutes (3hp chiller certainly the right choice).

Overall very happy and pleased to be a reference if you wish.

Ian Ross
CR Formulations - Sydney, Australia

We’d like to thank you for the wonderful visit to your factory and are impressed with your facility. We are now able to cut down our mixing time with the mixers we got from you.

HC Tan
Kleen-pak Products Pte Ltd – Singapore

In my opinion, this company is one of the best in China.

They are specialized in mixers so they give attention to every small detail in their product.

I purchased a 200L emulsifying mixer, it helped me to produce high quality product with less stress and shorter time.

Everything is done well and as promised.

It was my good luck which led me to choose this company from many offers in China.

Waddah Abogoda
Abogoda Group – Aleppo, Syria

Hi Luke,

We have been using the machine lots, and I’m happy to say it’s running smooth. Thank you for the amazing customer service. We had some shipping damage, but you were quick to respond to my emails, and quick to send the parts to repair the unit.

Thanks for all your help Luke!!

Davin Hartley
Om Organics Skin Care Inc. – Invermere, Canada

Dear Luke,

It’s nice to hear from you.

I would like to ask you if some buyer from Netherlands has contacted you because i have advice to work with you.

Finally I’m satisfied by your machine. I use all time heating to prepare sauce in LZ-300.

I produce different kinds of products with it (Whipping cream, Mayonnaise etc) and I advice Mr Saidane to buy from you.

Karim Bettaieb
Maghreb Food Industry - Ben Arous, Tunisia