SZ Vacuum Triple Shaft Mixer without Hydraulics

SZ Vacuum Triple Shaft Mixer without Hydraulics

SZ vacuum three shaft mixer without hydraulics is a multi shaft mixer machine for the production of viscous paste and suspensions in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

It's the fixed cover version of SZ vacuum triple shaft mixer.


Key features

  • Working capacity from 200L to 10000L;
  • Suitable for paste and emulsions above 100,000cps viscosity;
  • Strong dispersion by top mounted dispersers;
  • Strong homogenization by top entry batch homogenizer;
  • Outer frame agitator has triangle design for enhanced mixing;
  • Variable speed for agitator and disperser or homogenizer;
  • Complete process of mixing, dissolving, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, heating and cooling in one unit;
  • Double jackets for heating and cooling;
  • Different jacket designs available for steam and electric heating;
  • Double temperature probes and controllers for electrical heating in mixing tank;
  • All contact parts are made of SS304/316L and mirror polished;
  • The specifications of the closed dual shaft mixer comply with cGMP regulations;
  • Push buttons control panel for easy operation;
  • Power supply of 380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase;

Device Characteristic

Working capacity (L) Agitator power (kw) Speed (rpm) Homogenizer power (kw) Speed (rpm) Disperser power (kw) Speed (rpm)
300 3 0~50 4 0~3000 4 0~1400
500 4 0~50 7.5 0~3000 7.5 0~1400
750 5.5 0~50 11 0~3000 11 0~1400
1000 5.5 0~50 15 0~3000 15 0~1400
2000 7.5 0~50 18.5 0~3000 18.5 0~1400
3000 11 0~50 30 0~3000 30 0~1400
5000 15 0~50 37 0~3000 37 0~1400


  • Cosmetics & Toiletries: cream, lotion, wax, mascara, gel, toothpaste;
  • Pharmaceuticals: ointment, dental composite, syrup, injection;
  • Food: mayonnaise, dressing, jam, butter, margarine, wasabi;
  • Chemicals: polyester, synthetic fiber, shoe cream;


  • Oil hydraulic lifting system for easy cleaning and maintenance;
  • High speed dispersers or top entry batch homogenizers according to different requirements;
  • Cold mixing design is available
  • Working platform for one or more vacuum three shaft mixers
  • Different mixing functions can be set up to provide optimum multiple mixing, dispersing, emulsifying and homogenizing of various materials over a wide range of viscosities
  • Delta, Schneider or Siemens PLC for automation of mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, vacuum, transferring, heating and cooling etc
  • Mettler-Toledo load cells;
  • Pressure vessel design for different steam pressure;
  • Spray ball can be equipped to connect to customer’s CIP system;
  • SIP is available upon request;
  • Explosion proof motors and electrics;
  • Different power supply acceptable;


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