RX Lab Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer

RX Lab Series
Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer

RX lab vacuum homogenizer mixer is the most advanced vacuum emulsifier homogenizer design from Europe and is especially suitable for making big batches of cream and emulsions with large quantity of powders.
  • Working capacity from 5L to 30L;
  • Suitable for cream and emulsion of 10,000~100,000cps viscosity;
  • Perfect particle size of 2 micrometers and evenly distributed;


Key features

  • Working capacity from 5L to 30L;
  • Suitable for cream and emulsion of 10,000~100,000cps viscosity;
  • Perfect particle size of 2 micrometers and evenly distributed;
  • External emulsifying and homogenizing by vertical type inline homogenizer with pipes;
  • Shorter batch time compared with RS series vacuum emulsifying mixer;
  • Cooling system for mechanic seal inside the homogenizer for longer homogenizing time;
  • The homogenizer also works as a transfer pump for discharging finished product;
  • Contra mixing system of fixed impellers with holes and wall scraper;
  • Outer anchor agitator has pipe design for enhanced mixing and good appearance;
  • Variable speed for homogenizer and agitator;
  • Oil hydraulic lifting system for easy cleaning and maintenance;
  • Complete process of mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, vacuum, heating and cooling in one unit;
  • Double jackets for heating and cooling;
  • Different jacket designs available for steam and electric heating;
  • Double temperature probes and controllers for electrical heating in main vacuum homogenizing machine;
  • Vacuum system to take out the air bubbles during mixing and to transfer the ingredients;
  • Compressed air to help discharge finished cream;
  • Multiple safety protection devices for vacuum, hydraulic pump and workers;
  • All contact parts are made of SS316L and mirror polished;
  • Spray ball is equipped to connect to customer’s CIP system;
  • The specifications of the vacuum homogenizing equipment comply with cGMP regulations;
  • Push buttons control panel for easy operation;
  • Power supply of 380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase;

Device Characteristic

Working capacity (L) Agitator power (kw) Speed (rpm) Homogenizer power (kw) Speed (rpm) Oil/Water tank (L) Agitator power (kw) Speed (rpm)
5 0.37 0~60 1.5 0~3600 3/3 0.06/0.06 0~1400
10 0.37 0~60 1.5 0~3600 6/6 0.14/0.14 0~1400
20 0.55 0~60 2.2 0~3600 15/15 0.2/0.2 0~1400
30 0.55 0~60 2.2 0~3600 20/20 0.2/0.2 0~1400


  • Cosmetics & Toiletries: cream, lotion, wax, mascara, gel, toothpaste;
  • Pharmaceuticals: ointment, dental composite, syrup, injection;
  • Food: mayonnaise, dressing, jam, butter, margarine, wasabi;
  • Chemicals: polyester, synthetic fiber, shoe cream;


  • Fixed cover with bolts or welding to save budget;
  • Different slow mixing part designs available;
  • Frame type slow agitator for oil pre-mixer;
  • Extra openings on the vertical type inline homogenizer for adding hot and cold ingredients and powders;
  • Delta, Schneider or Siemens PLC for automation of mixing, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, vacuum, transferring, heating and cooling etc;
  • Mettler-Toledo load cells;
  • Flow meter automation for feeding liquid oil and water;
  • SIP is available upon request;
  • Different power supply acceptable;
  • Pressure vessel design for different steam pressure;


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