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RS-100L cosmetic cream making machine for producing emulsion

November 16, 2018

Another set tilt-able RS-100L simplified vacuum emulsifying mixer has been completed by Ginhong workers. We are checking whether each component is flawless in the video. As expected, every function is working well. And it will be delivered to an Australian company this month.

The RS-100L emulsifying mixing machine was tailor made for a new customer in cosmetic industry, and it will be used to make a range of emulsions. This vacuum cream mixer is heated by two 4kw electric heaters. And it has a series functions of mixing,emulsifying, homogenizing, vacuum, heating and cooling, and discharging.

This simplified vacuum cream mixer adopts double pneumatic cylinders to replace common hydraulic cylinder, which is helpful to save purchasing cost for customer. This vacuum emulsifying mixer is a compact and economic type for making small batches of cream and emulsion. Its working capacity of the manufacturing vessel can be tailored from 30L to 100L. Water phase tank and oil phase tank can be equipped according to customer’s demand. Please go visit our website to learn more information about cosmetic cream making machine.

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