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3000L concentric double shaft mixing machine for making coating

October 23, 2018

The concentric twin shaft mixer combines high-speed dispersion with low-speed powerful mixing, and has good adaptability to medium-high viscosity and thixotropic materials. A variety of mixing methods are available, and the desired effect can be obtained. The machine is suitable for agitation, mixing and dispersion of various materials. It is easy to operate. It is an ideal multi-functional equipment for mixing and dispersing. Reasonable configuration can be made according to the characteristics of the customer’s materials.

The anchor stirrer with scrapers rotate under the driving of the power mechanism, and the materials are driven to rotate axially and radially during the rotation process. At the same time, the PTFE scrapers are scraping wall around the stirrer. The stuff on the inner wall and the bottom of the barrel are wiped without residual. And the high-speed dispersing disc has high shearing force, which have the material is dispersed evenly in a short time. Moreover, the hydraulic system drives the entire transmission mechanism and the working group to lift.

This type mixing equipment is especially suitable for mixing and dispersing high viscosity materials. Nowadays it has been widely used to produce adhesives, AB glue, silicone rubber, pigment, sealant, glass plastic, silicone, electronic paste, lithium battery , hot sol, resin products etc. Please go visit our website to learn more about double shaft mixing machine.

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