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100L Tilting homogenizer vacuum emulsifying equipment for making lotion paste

November 13, 2018

The RS-100L vacuum homogenizing emulsifier was custom made for a new customer in Zimbabwe. Ginhong’s technician is testing the performance of the new machine in the video. This mixing equipment will be applied in cosmetic industry to make a variety of lotion paste.

This cosmetic cream making machine is mainly composed of 100L double jacketed main tank, 60L oil phase tank, 60L water phase tank, two motors, vacuum system, pneumatic lifting system for lifting the main tank cover, tilting system , heating and cooling system and electrical control panel. The lifting system is driven by double pneumatic cylinder, and the final mixture can be discharged easily by the black hand wheel on the right of manufacturing vessel. The high speed homogenizer rotates in one direction, and centre agitator and wall scraper rotates in opposite direction. Please go visit our website here to learn more information about our vacuum emulsifying equipment.

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