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Hydrate is a term used in inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry to indicate that a substance contains water. The chemical state of the water varies widely between hydrates, some of which were so labeled before their chemical structure was understood.

Gums and thickeners are difficult to disperse without forming lumps or “fish eyes” – agglomerations of partially hydrated material with a core of dry powder.

Once these have formed, a traditional agitator will only wash the surface of the agglomerates, slowly hydrating the outside layer, resulting in long mixing times, poor quality and inconsistency between batches. In addition, some ingredients require a degree of shear to activate them and obtain functionality, which cannot be achieved using an agitator.

The high shear action of a Ginhong mixer rapidly disperses the powders, disintegrating any agglomerate and exposing an increasing surface area of the powder to the surrounding liquids. The result is an agglomerate free solution within minutes.

Ginhong offers a wide range of high shear homogenizers as well as high speed dispersers for this application.


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