One Set of 100L Mixing Vessel Was Sent to Malaysia

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October 11, 2010
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One Set of 100L Mixing Vessel Was Sent to Malaysia

One set of 100L mixing vessel was sent to a chemical plant in Malaysia this evening. This mixing vessel is our 100L YX series with an anchor agitator and closed cover.

Our YX series mixing tanks are very popular in chemical factories to make liquid-based solutions and preparations. According to different requirements, they’re divided into two basic types. The first type is vacuum mixing vessel which is generally equipped with liquid-ring vacuum pump. It’s suitable for making sanitary solutions and for those which generate easily during mixing.

Non-vacuum mixing vessels

The second type is non-vacuum mixing vessels which can be sub-divided into open cover vessel and closed cover vessel. The cover of open cover type mixing vessel is made of portable lids which can be easily taken away for easily adding raw materials and cleaning the vessel.

Closed cover type vessel is quite similar to vacuum mixing vessel but doesn’t have vacuum function. All the rest components are very identical. It’s better than open cover type for sanitary purpose and you can apply compressed air inside the vessel for discharging solutions.

We have good relationship with this chemical factory in Malaysia. Most of their mixing vessels are ordered from us and they’re quite satisfied with them. Early last year a group of engineers and technicians from this company visited our factory and were impressed by our facilites.

Besides chemical plants, Ginhong’s mixing vessels are widely used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries as well. If you have any mixing need, welcome to contact us.

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