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HERBORIST launched its first overseas flagship store in Paris

April 22, 2015

HERBORIST launched its first overseas flagship store in Paris

Yesterday (April 17, 2015), the first overseas HERBORIST Opera Avenue flagship store in Paris, France, 38 grand opening. This is the second landing since 2008, HERBORIST another milestone on the journey overseas brands. Since then, Bai grass integrated into China’s first independent brand stores opened in the central business district of international cosmetics brand.

Jahwa chairman Xie Wenjian, Jahwa United Co., Ltd. Vice President and General Manager of HERBORIST Division Dr, Enterprise Development Director Paris Didier Guillot, Chinese Economic and Commercial Counsellor Embassy in France Zhu Jianyi, flagship location Mayor, “Oriental Beauty” Wang Likun debut flagship store, join in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. It is reported that, in order to allow full understanding of the guests arrived HERBORIST TCM herbal skin care philosophy, raising US Eastern culture propagation, HERBORIST other special set of stores visited links, invite guests to visit experience.

HERBORIST overseas flagship store has 4 floors, the first floor is the sale of the center, on the second floor is a member of Sharon Center, first floor for Kampo SPA, negative on the second floor do warehousing. SPA experience the product’s service, membership is intended to be the center of activity and more Chinese cultural transmission positions, increasing the viscosity of loyal members and other local linkage French retail outlets.

Recently, in the “cosmetics Finance Online” reporters, Dr revealed that in addition to the flagship store, HERBORIST will enter the French high-end drug store chains. “In France, the development HERBORIST enter a virtuous circle, the future will continue to multi-channel development, and gradually have a real brand behavior.” Dr summary.

Long-term investment and the mainstream market coverage are the two main points overseas strategy HERBORIST. Dr introduced HERBORIST the region will be in France, mainly in France, Spain, Italy have developed under the premise of good, but also focus on new opportunities and hope diversified development, full speed. For example, last year they studied with Douglas dominated the market, while the United States tries to sell. In addition, HERBORIST also launched negotiations with some tax-free channels.

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