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Beraca’s new Brazilian ingredients hit the market

October 2, 2013

Beraca’s Murumuru Butter has been chosen by cosmetics giant L’Oréal for its Absolut Control hair care range, which is sold in Brazil. The Brazilian supplier of natural ingredients is also launching a skin care new line with Brazilian organic beauty brand Surya Brasil.

Beraca believes that in the wake of the worldwide success of argan oil, Brazil’s murumuru butter is set to show great promise for hair care products. “Its natural approach to nourishing and revitalizing the hair fibre has caught the attention of cosmetic giants and has been gaining new fans every day,” says the Brazilian supplier of natural raw materials.

L’Oréal’s new hair care range

Thus, murumuru butter was used as the key active in L’Oréal’s recently launched Absolut Control hair care range, which features six different hair care products and is sold exclusively in Brazilian hair salons.Beraca's new Brazilian ingredients hit the market

A true success in Brazil, the line has just announced a new addition to its portfolio – the Amazonian Oil to help taming rebellious hair, to provide anti-frizz control and to nourish hair – and is set to reach out to new markets, starting by Japan.

The ingredient is extracted from the seed of the murumuru (Astrocaryum murumuru), a palm tree typical from the Amazon region. Rich in lauric, myristic and oleic acid, murumuru butter is a powerful emollient agent, which nourishes and moisturizes the hair and skin. When used in hair care products, it has an anti-frizz effect, reducing hair volume and providing softness and shine.

Managing Director of the Professional Products Division at L’Oréal Brasil, Maya Colombani says it is the first time that the company uses murumuru butter as a core ingredient in its products. “We wanted to launch a revolutionary range by merging nature and technology, which would be able to fully meet the needs of Brazilian women, the world’s most demanding consumers when it comes to hair,” she says.

According to a research conducted by the French group, 47% of Brazilian women claim to have thick, rebellious hair; and 76% out of those would like to reduce hair volume and frizz.

Certified version for Surya Brasil

Murumuru butter is also one of the main ingredients of Surya Brazil new Ecocert certified body and face care line, Sapien Women.

A leading natural, organic and vegan beauty brand in Brazil, Surya offers a line of products formulated with natural ingredients sourced from the Brazilian biodiversity. In addition to murumuru butter, products in the Sapien Women line features ingredients such as white clay, pracaxi oils, açai and buriti.

Bridge towards Amazonian communities

Beraca wants to become a bridge between Amazonian communities and cosmetic brands, while promoting sustainable access to resources through responsible collection and harvest.

The murumuru butter supplied by Beraca is manufactured through partnerships with local communities working. In the region of Bragança, state of Pará, more than 100 families are involved in the activity, which contributes to regional development and is an important source of income for the local people.

“In order to provide sustainable ingredients to the cosmetic industry, Beraca tracks each and every stage of the supply chain, from sourcing to delivering,” says Daniel Sabará, Managing Director at Beraca. “We are committed to the process of empowering local communities, aiming to increase their opportunities in the market while contributing to the conservation of the world’s largest rainforest.”

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