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2014 China Beauty Expo opened yesterday in Shanghai

May 8, 2014

2014 China Beauty Expo opened yesterday in Shanghai

China Beauty Expo is one of the largest trade shows for cosmetics in the world which is held in early May each year in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. 2014 China Beauty Expo is another record high event for the cosmetic industry with over 120,000 square meters of display area, 5718 international standard booths and a lot of overseas exhibitors’ participation.

There’re three major sub trade shows of COSMETICS CHINA, COSMETECH SHANGHAI and BEAUTY SHANGHAI. COSMETICS CHINA showcases world’s skin care products, personal care products, perfumes, color cosmetics and beauty accessories which are sold through retailing, such as wholesalers, agents, department stores, supermarkets, cosmetic stores, pharmacy and baby care stores.

COSMETECH SHANGHAI, as one of three themes of China Beauty Expo, attracts most of mainland China and global cosmetics manufacturers, OEM/ODM, domestic and foreign well-known cosmetic raw materials and semi-processed raw material suppliers, packaging suppliers, machinery and equipment manufacturers and distributors. There’re also a lot of technical directors, engineers, and other mechanical equipment buyers come to visit. The trade fair platform provides a multi-win situation for enterprises, markets and consumers.

BEAUTY SHANGHAI focuses particularly on the beauty salon and SPA products and equipments, accessories, nail and hair products. BEAUTY SHANGHAI will once again attract thousands of salon and SPA owners, professional hairdressers and other buyers all over the world.

Ginhong has been supplying and manufacturing industrial mixers and blenders for cosmetics and beauty industry in the past several years. Our main products are vacuum emulsifying machines for making cream, mixing tanks for making shampoo, perfume mixers for making perfume, high speed dispersers for making nailpolish and triple shaft mixers for making toothpaste etc. We didn’t exhibit our machines in 2014 China Beauty Expo and will attend it next year. If you want learn more about China Beauty Expo, please click here. You can also contact us for your requirements of cosmetics mixing machines and we’ll give you sugguestions and recommendation.

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