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Sunscreen lotion manufacture by sunscreen mixer machine

August 29, 2018

Sunscreen including suntan cream, lotion and oil is a cosmetic that absorbs or reflects some of the sun’s ultraviolet(UV) radiation on the skin exposed to sunlight. Sunscreen ingredients help to prevent sunburn and may reduce the chance of premature skin aging, skin cancer, and other harmful effects due to the sun. According to the principle of sun protection, sunscreen can be classified into physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen.

The Process of Sunscreen Manufacturing

Physical(or inorganic) sunscreen is generally composed of micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide having the ability to absorb UV rays. For chemical( or organic) sunscreen, salicylates, cinnamic acid salts and anthranilates are safe and non-irritating ingredients, which allow the molecule to absorb high-energy, skin-damaging UV rays and release the energy as low-energy harmless rays.

A traditional suntan cream making process would be as below:

• The oil phase ingredients, such as stearyl alcohol, vaseline, preservatives, paraffin oil, and stearic acid etc, are dispersed into the oil kettle.

• The water phase ingredients including titanium pigment, prppylene glycol,triethanolamine, carbopol emulsifiers and stabilizers etc, are prepared separately and dispersed into the water tank together.

• Then the materials in these two phase tanks are transferred to the main tank. At the same time, the ingredients will be heated at some degrees to form a stable emulsion.

• UV filters and absorbers are supplied as dry powder or dispersed in advance in either oil or aqueous bases. These”micronized oxides” are mixed with water or added to the product once the emulsion has been formed according to raw material type and formulation requirements.

• Mixing is going on and on until the mixture is homogeneous totally. Finally the finished sunscreen will be stored in plastic containers.

The Problem of Conventional Sunscreen Mixer

A lot of problems can be caused when mixing sun protection products by conventional mixers:

• The dispersion of thickening and suspending agents is the most difficult task among mixing operations. In this application, incomplete formation of agglomerates can have a bad effect on sun protection factors (SPF).

•When adding something powdered, a part of hydrated material will stick on the vessel wall.

• The emulsion has to be absolutely stable with the minimum addition of emulsifiers and stabilizers, for additives can lower SPF. Convetional suntan lotion mixing equipment cannot easily achieve this even when the oil and water phases ingredients are heated.

• Traditional mixers and agitators are not capable of breaking down UV absorbers to their smallest constituent parts.

• Long processing time and extra equipment may be needed to attain a homogeneous product.

The Solution of Sunscreen Production

Due to increased demand for SPF, and restrictions on the use of some UV filters in cosmetics, manufacturing technique plays an important part in maximizing the performance of permitted substances. Intermediate stages of production can be eliminated, product quality improved by using a Ginhong sunscreen mixer:

The Ginhong mixer is started with water, and then solid ingredients are put into the machine. The powerful suction created by the high speed rotating rotor blades, draws all ingredients into the workhead where they are rapidly mixed.

The solids are broken down between the tiny gap of rotor and stator wall. The ingredients are fully dispersed into the liquid and circulated along the pipe of the mixer. At the same time, new materials are sucked into the workhead.

As the “dispersed” phase is added, the high shear mixing operation of the rotor/stator workhead immensely reduces globule size to ensure a uniform emulsion is rapidly formed.

Micronized oxides should be added at this stage. The high shear action of the Ginhong workhead quickly breaks down agglomerates to smallest parts. The micronized oxides will be dispersed throughly.

The Advantages of Ginhong Suntan Oil Mixer

• Improved dispersion obtained by using a Ginhong sunscreen mixer and results in better SPF

• Consistent product quality and stability

• Short processing time

• Maximized yield of other raw materials. Thickening agents are fully hydrated and other ingredients are totally dispersed

• Free of agglomerate

• Stable emulsion with long shelf life

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