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Deodorant manufacture by deodorant mixer machine

November 24, 2018

Deodorant is applied to cover up odor caused by the bacteria of perspiration in armpits, feet, and other areas of the body. Many types of dedorants use alcohol to kill bacteria, while others use triclosan. Fragrance and colorants may be added to the formula to make the product aesthetically pleasing.

The Process of Deodorant Manufacturing

The products are generally supplied in aerosol, roll-on, gel or stick form. The chemicals used in deodorants vary from brand to brand, but the primary process is the same:

•Put alcohol, propylene glyco, glycerine or silicones into the vessel.

•Powdered ingredients are dispersed into oil phase.

•The active ingredients, such as bentonite, is added and dispersed with other ingredients.

•Gelling agents or polymers are helpful to increase the stability of product.

•Fragrance and pigment are added at this stage.

•Fill the cooled product to different packages.

The Problem of Conventional Deodorant Mixer

•Conventional agitator is difficult to break down the agglomerates formed during the mixing process.

•Some ingredients require high shear force to get some other purposes.

•Reduce aeration to the lowest level.

•A part of hydrated materials may stick on the vessel wall and the agitator when adding some power to the container.

•Some gelling agents are easy to degrade at low PH or high temperature.

•Even if ingredients are heated, conventional agitator is still difficult to generate stable emulsion.

•Long processing time and extra equipments are often needed to achieve a uniform product.

The Solution of Deodorant Production

The mixing process can be carried out by Ginhong deodorant mixer. The procedure is as below:

Start the mixer, and add the solid ingredients and base fluid to the vessel. All ingredients are drawn to the workhead and mixed into small particles fleetly.

The solids are scattered in the rotor stator homogenizer before being pushed out and back to the vessel for next running. New materials is drawn to the workhead at the same time.

The powdered ingredients are dispersed with water phase ingredients adequately. The high shear force makes a stable and homogeneous product.

The Advantages of Ginhong Deodorant Mixer

•Free of agglomerate

•Increase output to the utmost

• Enhance mixing efficiency

•Stable emulsion with long shelf life

•Heating is not necessary, which cuts down cost and risk of degradation of heat sensitive ingredients

•No air bubbles

•Consistent deodorant quality and repeatability

Recommended Deodorant Mixing Equipment

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RB Vacuum Emulsifier Machine

ZX Inline Homogenizer

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