Indonesian Customer Ordered a 5 liters Lab Emulsifying Mixer

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June 8, 2013
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Indonesian Customer Ordered a 5 liters Lab Emulsifying Mixer

Indonesian Customer Ordered a 5 liters Lab Emulsifying Mixer

Two customers from Indonesia visited Ginhong last week and ordered a 5 liters lab emulsifying mixer today. They will use this lab mixer to make cosmetic cream as their first step of starting their cosmetic business.

Indonesian Customer Ordered a 5 liters Lab Emulsifying Mixer

Customer has been importing fittings and machinery from China for many years. They buy different kinds of equipments and then sell them in their own market. They also provide engineering service including installation, commissioning and maintenance etc. But their main industry is textile. Textile is a significant Indonesian art form. Traditionally, spinning, dyeing, and weaving were tasks performed by women.

One customer’s wife is once a chemist in a cosmetic factory and now starts her own business to make cosmetics. Because of her experience in cosmetic making in past years, she knows all formulas about cosmetics from cream to toothpaste. For safety concern, she decided to take a lab scale emulsifying mixer first. She’ll use it to make cream and shampoo. If everything works fine, she’ll expand her business and go for production size machines.

Customer found us from the internet and sent us the inquiry. After some communications, they found our company professional in this field and were quite interested to visit our factory for finalizing the deal. Last week they came to China to take part in a textile machinery expo in Shanghai. They spared one day to take the fast train to visit our factory.

There’re two production size vacuum emulsifying mixer and vacuum homogenizer mixer in our workshop. We made a demo show of these machines and they were impressed by the quality of our mixers. Although there was no lab emulsifying mixer available to see, they decided to placed the order and we discussed some technical issues which should be paid attention to.

RS lab emulsifying mixer

RS lab emulsifying mixer is a tilt-able laboratory scale vacuum mixer system for the production of cream and lotion in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. It’s the lab version of our RS production vacuum emulsifying mixer and is suitable for customers to make test batches. Working capacities range from 5 to 30 litres. Scale up can be easily achieved on the result of lab testing.

Today customer wired us the first payment for us to start the manufacturing of this 5 liters lab emulsifying mixer. The order has been delivered to our manufacturing department and the purchasing of raw material will start tomorrow. If you have same requirements of this lab mixer, please feel free to contact us.

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