Ginhong Spent May Day Holidays

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One Set of RX-1000 Vacuum Homogenization Mixer Delivered to Russia
April 23, 2013
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May 13, 2013

Ginhong Spent May Day Holidays

Ginhong celebrated International Labor Day Holidays from April 29th to May 1st. The workers participated in table tennis, badminton, Chinese chess and some other entertainment activities.

International Labor Day Holiday is also called May Day Holiday. It is to remember the workers’ strike in Chicago on May 1st, 1886. Nowadays it’s one the most important national holidays approved by Chinese government.

Every company is composed of different workers skillful in every section. No good workers, no good company. Ginhong knows it well and has done a lot for every worker since its beginning.

We send workers to study vocational skills such as welding, machining, polishing and assembling etc. Our aim is that every worker should obtain at least one good skill and get the certificate issued by the administration bureau.

We also encourage workers to self-study everything that is interesting to them. With comprehensive knowledge, workers can be promoted to different management positions.

Most workers live in the factory dormitories and enjoy low-priced meals every day. We buy social security, health insurance and other social welfare for each worker. We’ll make an environment that feels like a home, a real and warm home.

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