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China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition

March 12, 2013

China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition is the largest pharmaceutical machinery and equipment trade show in mainland China. Unlike P-MEC, it’s mainly for Chinese domestic pharmaceutical market. Most exhibitors and visitors are from China.

China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition is organized by CAPE (China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment) and held twice a year in spring and autumn respectively. There’s no fixed city holding this exposition. The city changes each exposition.

China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment (CAPE) was founded in 1991, which represents the common interests of all members and maintains their legal rights. Its ultimate purpose is to serve both the government and the enterprises. CAPE currently has 255 members, 47 directors, 8 vice presidents, and 11 executive directors.

The Association has the following departments: Secretariat, Member Management Department, Technology & Economy Department, Network Information Department, International Business Department and Exhibition Department.

China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition covers machinery and equipment for pharmaceutical material, medicine preparation machinery, pharmaceutical mixing machinery, sliced herbal machinery, water treatment equipment, packaging machinery, medicine quality checking instrument as well as other pharmaceutical machinery and packaging materials used for medicine, etc.

In order to expand the international market and attract more international visitors, there’s an International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition collocate with China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition. Usually it takes two pavilions for Chinese pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers who are willing to do international business and who are capable of doing international business. These international pavilions are right to the entrance of the exposition and attract the most visitors not only from China but also from overseas. But international visitors still take only a small part of all visitors till now. If you want to see most Chinese pharmaceutical equipment in one single trade show, China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition is worthy of your visit.

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