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There’re hundreds of vacuum mixer suppliers in this world. Is there any good reason that Ginhong is more suitable for you? Please read the following reasons carefully and then ask yourself a question, why don’t I choose Ginhong?

  • Care for every customer

Customer is the king. Ginhong is not a giant company and we don’t have many customers. But just because of this, each customer can get tailor-made care and support. We cherish every email and call from our customers and try to satisfy their unique mixing requirements. Wherever you’re from, our intensive care for you won’t change at all.

  • Years of mixer manufacturing history

We believe that some people will laugh when they read this reason. Compared with Ross, IKA or Ekato, fifteen years is really nothing. But if you know that the first Chinese-made vacuum emulsifying mixer were developed just in early 1990s, you’ll understand how great China mixer industry grows. Fifteen years is not a long time. But for this industry and for this country it seems fine.

  • Professional and focus on mixer only

When we firstly started making industrial mixers, we’ve made the decision that we’ll become a professional mixer manufacturer, not a comprehensive supplier. One company can make only one thing good at one time. It’s impossible for us to make mixers, filling and packing machines at the same time. Our goal is to make mixers only and make the best mixers. Of course we sell filling machine, water treatment equipment, water chiller etc. as some customers prefer to buy the whole production line from one company.

  • Europe quality, China price

Quality is the life of a company. Ginhong regards product quality as our lives. The company culture requests every worker treat each mixer as an art, not just a machine. Absorbing Japanese and German technologies, our vacuum emulsifier homogenizers have formed its own style and have been sold to many customers worldwide. Although China products become less competitive in price these years, our mixers are still much cheaper than German or Japanese competitors. Improved quality, reasonable price, why not?

  • Technical sales support

As we talked above, Ginhong is the professional mixer manufacturer. We have a professional team who understands mechanism, electrical & electronic, designing and manufacturing. Our sales consultant will share their experience with you and help solve your problems. The CAD drawings will help you understand our mixers well. Contact us today to get the professional advice on fulfilling your special mixing requirements.

  • Dedicated customer service

Customer service is very important for each company. Our high shear mixers usually include mechanism, electrical and electronic etc. If any problem happens, it’s not easy for customers to fix it alone. We think that the best customer service is to guarantee product quality. With good quality, the machines can work for long time without big problems. Anyway, it’s inevitable that every machine may have some small problems. We provide one year warranty after shipment. Email, telephone and onsite service are available upon request. We would be happy to hear that you’re satisfied with our services and support.

  • Fast delivery

Before you put the order, you’ve already had a good communication with our salesman. A detailed quotation with technical specifications, drawings and photos should be sent to you for reference. Generally customer has already got a clear picture of what he’ll get from us before he puts the order . After the order is confirmed, the technical department will make the production drawings for your mixer. Purchasing department will buy the motors and pumps etc. Manufacturing department will start cut, weld and polish the vessels. Every step goes smoothly to ensure the perfect quality and a quick delivery.

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