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Luke Wang – Cofounder and Sales Manager

Luke started to work for a vacuum emulsifying machine factory after graduation from university and learned a lot about mixing and blending industry. He is good at coordinating between international customers and his colleagues. He understands internet marketing and international trade well and takes care of company’s websites. You can find his contact information in the contact page and live chat with him.

Zhang Chengbo – Cofounder and Manufacturing Manager

Zhang once worked as the manufacturing manager in a tyre belt conveyor company founded by a Taiwanese in Shanghai for many years and has much experience in machinery manufacturing. He knows lathe, can weld and assemble the mixers and is experienced at workshop management. His aim is to produce the perfect mixing machines for every customer. With his excellent leadership, the manufacturing team works as one man and keeps progressing.

Yang Zhong – Cofounder and Technical Manager

Yang majored in mechanism and computer numeric control (CNC) at university. After graduation he came to work as a technician in the same vacuum emulsifying machine factory with Luke. He learned a lot from his elder and experienced colleagues there and is good at pressure vessel design and computer aided design (CAD). Most drawings you get from our sales people are drawn by him.

Ji Jingjing – Finance Manager

Ji is the finance manager in Ginhong. Before working for Ginhong, she worked as a HR assistant manager in a Singaporean invested electronics factory in Suzhou. She knows the basics of account, tax and audit and is responsible for the smooth currency flow. Both domestic and international payment was operated by her.

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