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As internet business becomes more and more popular nowadays, certifications issued by government and professional third parties become very important too.

When an international customer finds us from the web, they can’t pay a visit to our factory immediately to learn our professionalism. They check our certificates first. If you have different certificates from different parties, it’s easier for the business.

Ginhong now obtains several CE certificates. CE certificate is a safety and health mark, not quality mark. Most of the goods sold in European Union should bear CE marks.

Our mixers are very popular in European market because of its good quality and relatively low price. So we asked ECM in 2015 to test and issue CE certificates for our RX, RX and RB series of vacuum emulsifier homogenizers. They comply with 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive and 2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive.

CE certificate of vacuum emulsifier homogenizer

We applied for CE certification for ZX/JX/DX series of high shear mixers in 2016.

CE certificate of high shear mixer

We applied for CE certification for LZ/SZ series of multi shaft mixers in 2016.

CE certificate of multi shaft mixer

We applied for CE certification for LD series of ribbon blenders in 2017.

CE certificate of ribbon blender

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