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LZ-80 vacuum concentric dual shaft mixer made for chemical plant

September 3, 2018

LZ-80 vacuum concentric dual shaft mixer made for chemical plant

The LZ-80 vacuum concentric dual shaft mixer was designed for a repeat customer in USA to make fastener coatings. Before the delivery to New Jersey, Ginhong’s staff have checked this equipment with water in the tank. Now the machine is packed with safety device and will be sent to Shanghai port soon.

This American client is a leading supplier in chemical industry manufacturing adhesives, coatings and specialized fastener products. The first order purchased by this customer is one set of LZ-200L vacuum dual shaft mixer in 2017. The customer is pleased with the performance of our mixer, and that’s why he continues to order a smaller capacity vacuum twin shaft mixer from us.

LZ twin shaft mixer is suitable for manufacturing viscous pastes and suspensions in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. This customized LZ-80L mixer mainly consists of 1.5kw agitator motor, 4kw disperser motor rotating at the speed of 1500RPM, 1.5kw vacuum pump, hydraulic lifting system, electrical control cabinet and three moveable cans etc. The inner tank is made of 316L stainless steel and double jackets with heating and cooling functions.

LZ-80 vacuum concentric twin shaft mixer

This two shaft mixer adopts the design of concentric shafts, which distinguishes from ordinary parallel shaft mixer. Its special layout matches small size vessels with less diameter. The disperser shaft is mounted inside the hollow anchor shaft, in this way , both the two shafts are able to rotate in opposite direction. The contra mixing is good for chemical plant to make coatings, paintings and emulsions. And it especially fits to disperse powders into liquids.

In order to make the utmost of the 80L small batch mixer, this customer required us to make three interchageable vessels for maximum production. Each kettle is equipped with both castors and forklift channel on the legs. It is convenient for customer to move it around manually or by a forklift. This mixer takes up small space in the factory and is easy for workers to operate the machine.

concentric dual shaft mixer

As the production process is extremely complicated and the ingredients are easy to burn or explode, and toxic, a chemical plant is obviously an enterprise with high risk. For its special characteristics, our engineers considered that an explosion-proof mixer is more competent for a chemical factory. Except the control pannel which will be placed outside, all the other electrical components like the light, motor, pump and reducer etc are made of exposition proof materials. This tailored vacuum dual shaft mixer is fit for strict safety performance in chemical production.

Concentric dual shaft mixer combines high speed disperser with low speed anchor, and is quite suitable for mixing high viscous materials in chemical industry. If you have interest in this LZ series vacuum concentric dual shaft mixer, please feel free to contact us to learn more about it.

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