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LZ-2000 vacuum two shaft mixer for American customer to make food

September 3, 2017

LZ-2000 vacuum two shaft mixer for American customer to make food

One completely new LZ-2000 was packed into a truck delivering to Los Angeles port for another American customer from Ginhong industrial mixer company on August 26th. It has taken our workers about two months to finish the whole set of vacuum two shaft mixer since we signed the contract with the customer.

This customer found us through our company’s foreign trade website at the beginning of 2017. And LZ-2000 mixer is a trial order he placed to us for the first cooperation. He runs a company designing and sourcing innovative food machinery, which is aimed at solving the existing problems in food industry. It is obvious that he is an expert in our mixers, which is exactly what we are good at. After some emails of discussion, we formed cooperation relationship with each other.

LZ vacuum double shaft mixer also called dual shaft mixer, is a multi functional mixer for the production of medium or high viscosity materials in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. It’s especially suitable for making paint, coatings and inks etc. It is generally made of mixing tank, slow anchor stirrer, a high-speed disperser or homogenizer, heating and cooling system, temperature control system, electrical control panel etc.

vacuum two shaft mixer

This 2000 liters multi shaft mixer is manufactured on basis of customer’s unique need. The main components are as below: electrical control for 220V 60Hz 3Ph, stainless steel 2000L mixing vessel, one 7.5KW stirring motor rotates at the speed of 51RPM, one 18.5KW high shear homogenizer motor, one 4KW vacuum pump, one DN450 pressure manhole with sight glass and 63.5mm manual type flat ball valve performing as discharge valve. Besides, the machine produced by our side should be pasted with the labels customer provided.

We adopt jacket and coiled pipe in this specially-made LZ-2000 vacuum two shaft mixer for heating and cooling. There is a long shaft installed in the middle of the large vessel with three horizontal bladed on it. The stirring motor is fixed on the top of the vessel, with which the shaft can be driven to rotate at the speed of 51rpm with low shear mixing. And the homogenizer motor is mounted to the right of the stirring motor rotating at the speed of 3600rpm producing strong high shear mixing.

A CIP system (clean-in-place) is also equipped on the machine. There are three 360°rotating spray balls attached under the top cover evenly. When customer’s CIP station drives water to the spray balls with high pressure, the balls start to rotate and spray water meanwhile. In this way, the inside of the vessel can be cleaned without dead corners.

Ginhong has accrued decades of practical experience in various types of food mixers. We are happy to work with both new brands and brands with decades of history. Rest assured that with our vacuum double shaft mixer, you will be able to take your product to the next level . Ginhong is located in Jinhu economic development zone, welcome to pay a visit to us.

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