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LZ-1000 dual shaft paddle mixer transported to New Zealand for making food

September 27, 2017

LZ-1000 dual shaft paddle mixer transported to New Zealand for making food

Ginhong had completed one 1000 liters steam heated dual shaft paddle mixer with a flat lid for a New Zealand customer to make food. The machine was loaded in a 20 feet container and delivered to Nelson port on September 13th as per requirement of the customer.

This 1000 liters twin shaft mixer is the third order of the customer from New Zealand placed to Ginhong factory, which is used to produce vast range of food including sauces, dressings, marinades, toppings, jams, fruit pulp, juice and ingredients for further manufacturing. He started to cooperate with us from 2014, and the trial order is YX-1000. Then he came to Ginhong in Jiangsu of China for the inspection of the second order LZ-300 for the first time before the delivery. After confirming that LZ series functions and quality, he purchased the LZ-1000 so as to increase the level of productivity.

LZ two shaft mixer without hydraulics is a multi functional mixer for the production of viscous paste and emulsions in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. And it’s especially suitable for making paint, coatings and inks. It is generally comprised of mixing pot, slow anchor stirrer, a high-speed disperser or homogenizer, heating and cooling system, temperature control system, electrical control panel etc.

dual shaft paddle mixer

The main parts of LZ-1000 dual shaft paddle mixer are as below: electrical control for 380V 50HZ 3PH, stainless steel 1000L mixing pot, 5.5KW agitator motor, 15KW homogenizer motor, slow anchor stirrer, a high-speed homogenizer, double jackets for heating and cooling, temperature control system, electrical control panel and pneumatic butterfly valve working as discharge valve.

The double jackets is adopted unique design for the LZ-1000 dual shaft mixer, which is separated into two layers. The upper jackets and the lower jackets can heat the mixing tank simultaneously or respectively. For example, if the materials is not enough, the worker can choose to start the lower jackets for heating. The other situation is if the upper material needed to melt, the operator can start the upper one to heat the tank.

This special jackets design only suits for steam heating of the vessel with large volume. And the upper and lower jackets are able to heat the products in the big tank within a short time, which is the great advantage of the jackets. However, the cost of this jackets is not much higher than the ordinary one. If you also have the large demand of production, it will be a compact design for you.

Ginhong supplies not only small volume mixing tank heated by electricity, but also big volume mixing tank heated by steam, which depends on each customer’s demand. If you also have great interest in this type dual shaft paddle mixer, please contact us without hesitation.

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