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American customers visit Ginhong and see RX-100L simplified vacuum homogenizing mixing machine

March 7, 2017

American customers visit Ginhong and see RX-100L simplified vacuum homogenization mixing machine

Two customers come to visit our factory in Jinhu county, Jiangsu province today. One of them is an American and another Chinese is his colleague.

Customer contacted us yesterday that he wanted to visit our factory to learn more about us and our simplified vacuum homogenizing mixing machines. We drove to pick them from Nanjing railway station this morning and arrived at our factory about at 9:30a.m.

First, customers talked with our sales manager for a moment in the reception room and then went into the showroom to look some demo machines and accessories. About half an hour later, we took customers to visit the workshop and showed several of the mixers for the operation.

Customer were impressed by our facilities and our demo machines and asked some questions about our RX-100L vacuum homogenizing mixing machine and JX-4 batch homogenizer with a moveable 200L open storage tank.

We discussed some vacuum homogenizing machines which are widely used to make cream and lotion in cosmetic industry. Customer wanted to open a cosmetics company in the near future.

Customer was satisfied with the appearance, workmanship and functions of our machines, he said that he would continue to keep in touch with us and he will specifically consult us with the homogenization mixing machines after the decision to buy.

After the meeting customers took a photo with us and went to visit another company in Yangzhou. We offered to drive them away, but customers insisted on taking a taxi to leave.

RX-100L simplified vacuum homogenizing mixing machine is one of the most advanced homogenizer mixer designs and sizes in our industrial mixer products range. It’s suitable for budget tight factories to make small batches in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

JX batch homogenizer also called batch high shear mixer, is a rotor stator mixer for the production of viscous cream and emulsions in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. It’s usually used in a multi shaft mixer for homogenization and can also be used with a lifting stand.

Open storage tank is a storage vessel for holding the liquids, semi-solids and solids in the cosmetic, pharm aceutical, food and chemical industries. It is usually made of an open top stainless steel tank and fitting etc.

Ginhong is one of the top manufacturers of vacuum homogenizing mixing machines in China with an experienced team of engineers, mechanicians and electricians. We have developed several different types of industrial mixers and blenders for various industries. If you are interested in any of our mixing machines, please feel free to contact us.

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