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American customer inspected 500 gallon triple shaft mixer in Ginhong

August 28, 2017

American customer inspected 500 gallon triple shaft mixer in Ginhong

Last week an American customer arrived at Ginhong factory and stayed for a three-day inspection of 500 gallon triple shaft mixer and hydraulic ram discharge press. The two machines are corollary equipment for producing all kinds of paint, waterproof glue and coating. Before his business trip to China this time, we have sent two shipments to his factory already.

The customer serves as the director of manufacturing in the company, which provides highest quality roofing materials in the industry with more than 60 years of experience. He got in touch with our sales manager by the Internet one year ago. Ginhong’s salesmen and engineers shared the mixing knowledge and experiences with him and totally understood what he needed. With the comparison of quite a few vendors of triple shaft mixer , he wisely selected us in the end.

SZ 500 gallon vacuum triple shaft mixer is a multi shaft mixer for the production of viscous pastes and suspensions in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, which is especially suitable for making paint, coating and inks etc. It is generally made of vacuum mixing tank, hydraulic lifting system, heating and cooling system, temperature control system, vacuum pump system and electrical control panel etc.

The mixing tank contains a single stainless steel vessel dimple jacketed, one low speed anchor agitator, one spiral blade, one high speed disperser and so on. This agitator is top installed at the center of the vessel for slow speed mixing and the high speed disperser is installed in the room between the shaft and outside wings of the anchor mixer.

When the triple shaft mixer is working, materials rotating from top to bottom and back to top repeatedly due to the two opposite forces produced by disperser, auger and anchor agitators. With all directions of continuous circulation and overlapping shear, the materials can be rapidly and evenly mixed.

YJ hydraulic ram discharge press usually works together with triple shaft mixer and planetary disperser mixer. It is suitable for discharging the materials in industries such as coating, putty, ink, adhesive, energy, electronics & electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food, which plays an important role in discharging or packing the mixed high viscosity material. It can deliver the high viscosity material to the pipeline from the pressing plate or the bottom of the barrel through pressing plate.

hydraulic ram discharge press

Hydraulic ram discharge press consists of baseboard, barrel positioning, hydraulic oil cylinders, beams, motor, gear pump, pressing plate, electric control cabinet, etc. The viscosity of the material the equipment can press is under 5,000,000cps and production capacity covers from 5 liters to 2000 liters.The hydraulic cylinder pressure can be adjusted within the range of 0-20Mpa. The piston rod can stay in any position, and work continuously under fixed and stable pressure. The lifting support is hydraulically lifted to the top position,which makes it convenient for workers to pack.

After intensive inspection and testing of the whole machine and specific parts, the customer found out a couple of existing problems. Besides this, he also listed some dimensions to be changed and points for attention. With the professional help of Ginhong, his company has become one preferred roofing manufacturer of the professional roofer as well as a valued industry resource.

Ginhong has been one of the top manufacturers supplying a wide range of triple shaft mixers, including both standard and tailored mixers. If you want to make high quality coating, paint and ink products and extend your market, welcome to contact us in a moment.

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