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400L shampoo making machine designed and manufactured by Ginhong

November 14, 2013

YX series shampoo making machine (shampoo mixer, shampoo blending tank) is mainly suitable for preparation of liquids (such as shampoo, detergent, cleanser essence and shower gel etc). Integrating mixing, blending, dispersing, heating/cooling and vacuum etc. functions, the machine is an ideal device for liquid preparation in various factories.

1. The shampoo making machine equipment takes single-direction or double-direction wall scraping blending and frequency inverter speed adjustment to satisfy different formula requirements.

2. Products inside can be heated or cooled according to formula requirements. The heating methods such as steam, hot water or electric heaters can be selected according to customers’ specific requirements.

3. Various designs of mixing and blending impellers are selectable for production of different types of products.

4. Made of imported SS316L or SS304 grade stainless steel. The shampoo making machine tank body and pipes are subjected to mirror polishing.

5. Bottom entry type disperser or homogenizer and pipeline type high shear mixer are optional to speed up dissolution and emulsification of materials.

6. The stainless steel electric control panel can completely supervise the operation of equipment and display such data as temperature, vacuum, voltage, ampere and blending rotation speed etc.

Complete shampoo making line:
The whole shampoo making/production machine line for a cosmetic factory usually requires the auxiliary machines listed below (Take 1000L per hour productivity for example):

Firstly we choose 1000L/h reverse osmosis water treatment machine to purify the water so that the water can be applied into the shampoo production.

Secondly the 1000L shampoo making machine is adopted to start blending and processing the shampoo according to your formulas. The finished shampoo will be transferred into storage tanks by the lobe pumps connected with the bottom valve in shampoo making machine.

Thirdly we choose a steam boiler to heat the shampoo making machine. Of course we can equip electric heaters inside the shampoo making machine. But it requires long time to heat the shampoo inside the tank if supplied with electric elements. The electric elements power in 1000L is at least 20kw while the steam boiler usually takes oil for the fuel. A lot of energy will be consumed if choosing the electric heating method.

Fourthly we need to store the final products from shampoo making machine and then fill it with horizontal self suction shampoo filling machine.

Finally what we need to do is to put the filled bottles on the double side automatic labeling machine, which can finish the labeling of any shape of bottles, either round or flat or others.

Ginhong is a professional industrial mixer supplier in China. We are experienced in the cosmetic making machines with professional engineers. As we all know that different products have different requirements on mixing machines, we’ll recommend you the suitable machine and model according to your specifications. If you are interested in our shampoo making machines, welcome to contact us for further information or visit our website

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