Lab planetary mixer: standard features, functions, and options

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Lab planetary mixer: standard features, functions, and options

lab planetary mixer

Lab planetary mixer is on top of the list as far as mixing a variety of materials is concerned. A top feature of this mixer is the CIP optimized and integrated design. This means that cables, supplies, and connections are totally completely integrated and sealed to ensure that the exterior portion of the equipment is smooth and easy to clean. The high tech discharge-valve design, as well as the optimized seals within the mixing bowl, permits CIP. Because of this, all lab planetary mixers boast of flexibility and efficiency, consequently increasing the productivity while assuring affordability.

Laboratory planetary mixers range from as little as 1 to as much as 5 liters while featuring through is movable head. This permits operation within the platform. Discharging is free of dust and linked directly into the IBC. The user has the choice of having a stand-alone unit or one linked into a fluid bed, form a fully integrated system. This only shows how flexible and reliable the planetary mixer can be, as far as the ability of mixing and blending any material is concerned.

Lab Planetary Mixer’s standard features and function

  1. The equipment possesses a bottom-driven chopper and mixer. It means that no seals are in direct contact with the mixture.
  1. Both bowl and mixer have identical configuration.
  1. It boasts of a perfect cGMP-regulated design. The mixing equipment has a smooth covering that allows from easy cleaning. Likewise, it possesses no piping and tubing in its exterior.
  1. Planetary mixer has a totally integrated opening discharge on the side, allowing easy discharge of all types of products.
  1. Simple built in and removable components that assure easy and fast cleaning.
  1. It requires minimal space and can be installed through the wall.
  1. The mixer is easy to operate via the use of a graphical operator panel and various software products.
  1. Overall, it is a highly flexible mixer that can be used on wet granulation.

Planetary Mixer’s optional parts and features

  1. Liquid additional system (either peristaltic pump or pressure vessel)
  1. Explosion proof designs
  1. 21 CFR-certified controls
  1. Optional automatic cleaning and checking of entire lab planetary mixer system
  1. Advanced process for convenient and automated wet/dry granulation control
  1. Insulated or jacketed bowl
  1. Optional Integration with fluid or mill bed mill
  1. Link that’s totally closed to ensure dust-free operations
  1. Complete containment via downstream and upstream split valves
  1. Flexible isolation system
  1. Video checking and monitoring of entire mixing process
  1. Assistance and validation based on GAMP
  1. Material feeding via vacuum or gravity loading system from the container

Undoubtedly, the lab planetary mixer is a highly advanced mixer equipment that evolves in a continuously manner while taking full advantage of currently existing mixing equipment technology. While the features and functions of this tool are many times better than the ordinary mixer in terms of technical advancement, the design of mixer, processing bowl, and chopper is similar to that of basic mixers; this is to ensure the correctness and efficiency of the mixing process. The overall sleek and efficient design of the mixer itself makes it a totally ideal mixing and blending machine.

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