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High shear emulsifier – how it works

August 28, 2016

high shear emulsifier

A high shear emulsifier is considered to be more capable and efficient when compared to ordinary high shear mixers since it features a number of advanced mixing and blending capabilities. It’s most vital component is the revolving stator, a durable part that is usually combined with a durable rotor and highly-efficient low propeller.

The combined action of these three parts ensures optimized shear and pumping rates. They also enhance the reduction in particle size. The operator is given full control of these three components. It only means that the high shear emulsifying equipment will never over-shear materials or mixtures.

How does a high shear emulsifier work?

The mixing head of the high shear emulsifying equipment is made up of an interior rotor, which is surrounded by a stator that freely revolves around it. The latter is made of large exterior paddle blades that aid to restrain its rotating movement to as little as 1/10th of the rotor’s speed. For instance, stator component will revolve at around 360 rpm if the rotor’s shaft speed is around 3600 rpm.

The emulsifier’s rotor pulls the material into the area of the stator. The component’s high shear movement between the rotor blades and slow-revolving rim places the mixture to highly efficient grinding and blending actions before it is expelled at high velocity onto outlets within the rim.

As the mixture passes through such outlets of the high shear emulsifier; solids, agglomerates, and other particles are subjected to intense disintegrating and cutting action resulting in the major reduction in the size of particles.

All materials that are placed in the vessel will have to go through the emulsifier’s mixing head a good number of times during the entire mixing process. Within just a few minutes, this high shear machine will have come up with the desired homogeneous mixer product. A relatively fast and convenient process is involved as compared to the hours of mixing when mixing is done via a conventional high shear mixer.

Features and functions of high shear emulsifying machine

  • High shear emulsifiers assures maximum shearing rate.
  • The equipment optimizes tank circulation process to ensure the best quality material mixture.
  • It promotes optimum stability of emulsion for an extended period of shelf life.
  • Using a high shear emulsifier instead of an ordinary mixer greatly reduces batch mixing time to the full advantage of the manufacturer.
  • It eliminates the possibility of agglomerates and fish eyes.
  • Unlike ordinary high shear mixers and blenders, high shear emulsifying machines are capable of superbly high viscosity while using only minimal levels of power.
  • Manufacturers can take advantage of excellent quality stainless steel shaft, mixing head, motor, and drive.
  • It produces complete emulsification of starch, gum, water and oil, thick syrups, and many other typical high viscosity compounds. 100% emulsification means that the mixture is completely devoid of any lump.
  • Lab versions and sizes of as much as 100 HP are available. Hence, there is a high shear emulsifier that meets the mixing and emulsifying requirements of the manufacturer.

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