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All about the high shear mixer

July 30, 2015

high shear mixer

If there is one piece of equipment that deserves some recognition, it should be the high shear mixer because it is very useful in the preparation, processing and manufacturing of products very essential to our survival. For instance, in the preparation of food and pharmaceuticals, the high shear mixer is responsible for the preparation of granular and suspension products. It is also the device used in making emulsions for dressings and sauce. In addition, this equipment is also important in the making of other necessities such as paper (because it is responsible for bleaching and preparing the paper pulp), cosmetics and toiletries.

Another reason why the high shear mixer should be recognized is because of its ability to mix immiscible materials. When materials are immiscible, they normally do not blend or mix with other objects but because of this equipment, mixing and combining becomes possible. It creates emulsion (where a type of liquid is combined with another liquid), suspensions (where different solid materials too large for sedimentation are combined), and lyosols (where gas particles are combined or mixed with liquid particles). This device performs these mixing procedures in a very timely manner, making it very practical, productive and efficient.

The principle behind how this machine works is very simple. Inside the designated compartment are impellers that are rotated at high speeds by an electric motor. While there is rotation, fluid is flushed at varying speeds. This is the secret to mixing the different materials. And since more people are recognizing the significance of this equipment in efficient production, makers have produced different types to make it more useful and also for users to have options based on their preference.

The first type is the batch high shear mixer. This type of mixer is preferred by those who process materials that come in bulk volumes and whose work space is unlimited (big or wide). This type of equipment requires the materials (to be mixed) to be poured through an opening at the top of the tank which will eventually end up at the bottom where the mixing tank is located. It is very important to understand that different brands have features distinct to them. For example, for one brand, the tank requires to be cleaned every now and then while another brand has eliminated that need since the process includes self-cleaning.

The inline model is another type of high shear mixers. Unlike the previous type, this form of mixer can be part of a process since the materials to be combined are input from one end and come out the other. This device takes up minimal space and provides a mixing environment that is more controlled.

If the above types of shear mixers are not what you require, there are more kinds you can choose from and they are the inline powder induction (this mixes powder with liquid), the high shear granulators (this cuts down solid material into the desired size) and the ultra-high shear inline model (this one has holes in its stators where solid particles are forced into producing miniscule particles).

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