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100L vacuum homogenizer mixer emulsifier for making cream, ointment and sauce

November 8, 2013

vacuum homogenizer mixer

100L vacuum homogenizer mixer is known to be a versatile tool that is in use in a number of fields. However, it is widely popular as a device that’s effective in processing cosmetic cream products, as well as medicines and products from pharmaceuticals.

Vacuum homogenizer is also utilized in the emulsification of materials that are highly viscous. Those possesses high solid content are easily homogenized by this special machine. It boasts of a unique design and style, with the most advanced mixing technology taken into serious consideration.

This mixing device consists of a number of vital components and parts; such as the retreatment tank system, vacuum emulsification blending tank, hydraulic system, vacuum pump, component discharge system, electric power system and platform, among many others.

How does a vacuum homogenizing mixer work?

This mixer tool is made up of three important parts; these are rotating turbine, high speed rotor, and stator. The rotor and stator head is located at the central floor of the mixing vessel. This allows the machine to work efficiently on even miniscule amounts of materials. During mixing, the exterior turbine rotates at a clockwise direction, while moving materials onto the wall of the vessel. The inner blades, on the other hand, rotate in a counterclockwise direction. They move materials down to the bottom of the mix and together with the fast homogenizing head.

The vacuum homogenizer is made available in a variety of head sizes, from as low as 10 to as much as 4000 liters in capacity. This special machine was built to perform operations that involve full vacuum and pressure. The mixer can be utilized extensively in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Vacuum mixer is likewise efficient in mixing viscous-type materials. This homogenizing processor is an ideal tool for dispersion, emulsifying, and size reduction of materials and substances. Highly popular applications are in the creation of products like antacids, collagen solution, dental ingredients, gel compounds and even transdermal patches.

Features and functions

1. Vacuum homogenizing machine is known for its steady and efficient performance. At the same time, worker can operate this tool in a simple and easy manner. Because of its simple parts, this tool is very easy and quick to clean.

2. It has fast-shearing vortex emulsification parts that are tasked to blend and scrape the vessel at any required speed level, from top to bottom of the walls.

3. Material is fed into the machine via a vacuum. This prevents the material from spilling over, especially those in powder form.

4. The entire working process is done via vacuum condition. This way, materials are prevented to create bubbles even after any fast blending.

5. Machine satisfies the international standards of asepsis and sanitation. Likewise, the design of vacuum homogenizer mixer, as well as its CIP system, meets strict GMP requirements.

6. The interior walls of the mixing vessel possess mirror polish feature.

7. To ensure the safety and stability of the machine’s electronic control components, all electric parts, switch button, and vacuum pumps meet standards for excellence.

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