An Indian Customer Came to See Our RS Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Today

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An Indian Customer Came to See Our RS Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Today

An Indian Customer Came to See Our RS Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Today

An Indian customer came to visit our factory in Jinhu county, Jiangsu province today. They’re an engineering company focused on food and pharmaceutical projects in India and are very interested in our RS vacuum emulsifying mixer and LD horizontal ribbon blender.

An Indian Customer Came to See Our RS Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Today

This Indian customer was not very familiar with Chinese vacuum emulsifying mixer manufacturers at first. He came to visit some mixing machinery manufacturers for pharmaceuticals and food in May, 2010. He learned that the 39th China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition was held in Nanjing at that time. This exposition is the largest pharmaceutical machinery and equipment trade in China. So he went there immediately, but only had one day left for the exposition.

RS vacuum emulsifying mixer

In the expo halls, he found our booth with 200L RS vacuum emulsifying mixer, 50L RS simplified vacuum emulsifying mixer and 500L YX closed mixing tank. He took a look at the three mixers and learned the structure of each machine. Because there’s no time for detailed communication, he took a catalogue from our booth and left.

After Chinese New Year of 2011, one of his customers wanted to buy a 200L mixer to make cream. And another customer in food industry wanted to buy a 800L blender to make polymer. So he took out the catalogues collected during China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition and contacted with different mixer manufacturers.

Then he paid his visit to all of these mixer manufacturers including Ginhong in China. This morning he took the fast train from Wuxi to Nanjing and we sent a car to pick him up from Nanjing railway station. It took about one and a half hours to go back to our factory.

Because we have a right 200L RS vacuum emulsifying mixer in our show room, customer was very happy to operate the machine himself. He was satisfied with the appearance, workmanship and functions of our machine. As we don’t have ribbon blender in stock, he gave us some simple drawings explaining what he wanted.

Ribbon blender

Ribbon blender is especially suitable for mixing solids with solids, and solids with liquids. Compared with other mixers, horizontal ribbon mixer has the advantages of short mixing time, wide adaptability, no damage to mixtures, easy cleaning, and good adaptability to coarse and fine materials. Horizontal ribbon blender is used extensively across many industries for blending dry powders, granules, pellets, flakes, and other solid forms.

The meeting went well and the communication between us was good. Customer got more confidence in our machines and showed great willingness to work with us in future. After the meeting, customer wanted to go back to Nanjing railway station as he needed to catch the last train back to Shanghai.

As Chinese New Year is coming soon, Ginhong is going to get off work and start holidays. The customer will contact us after our holidays to decide the 200L RS vacuum emulsifying mixer and 800L LD ribbon blender.

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