A Taiwanese Customer Came to See Our Toothpaste Making Machines

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A Taiwanese Customer Came to See Our Toothpaste Making Machines

A Taiwanese Customer Came to See Our Toothpaste Making Machines

A Taiwanese customer with his two sons came to visit our factory today. They’re looking for a vacuum triple shaft mixer with hydraulics for making toothpaste.

A Taiwanese Customer Came to See Our Toothpaste Making Machines

Customer has his small toothpaste manufacturing facility in Taiwan. It’s a small scale factory with small size toothpaste mixers. Because customer majored in traditional Chinese medicine, he introduced natural herbs into his toothpaste making. In this way, toothpaste has more functions of health care and protection. This type of herb toothpaste turns out to be a big success in the market. More orders come to them. Because of high demand, they’re now looking for bigger toothpaste making machines to increase the production.

Herbal toothpaste

Herbal toothpaste is made of plant extract (like cinnamon bark, neem leaves, guava leaves, camphor and honey etc) that have been shown to have great effect on oral health and hygiene. Medicinal toothpaste can be roughly divided into the following categories: antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, descaling and whitening, deodorizer. The herbal toothpaste can keep the mouth fresh and prevent tooth decay by bacteria.

The father came to our booth exhibiting several different vacuum mixers in China Beauty Expo. China Beauty Expo is known as the leading and largest beauty event in Asia. He inquired about triple shaft mixer which is usually used to make toothpaste. The vacuum multi-shaft mixer has a slow speed anchor agitator and two high speed dispersers.

Triple shaft mixers

We have good experiences of making this type of triple shaft mixers and dual shaft mixers from small to large size. Because we don’t have vacuum multi-shaft mixer on the show, customer would like to visit our factory to see the mixer himself. After the exposition was closed, our salesman went back to work and immediately sent customer the complete drawings of toothpaste making machines. Customer studied the drawings and was impressed. He regarded it as the right toothpaste mixer he’s looking for and decided to visit our factory.

Customer asked a lot of questions about our toothpaste mixer and other cosmetics making machines. He was also very interested in formula and process of toothpaste making in mainland China. We took out the documents of how to make toothpaste in the office and showed them to customer. Because Taiwan and mainland China are one country and speak the same language, he understood the documents perfectly. He said that this method of toothpaste making was already out of date now. His own way of manufacturing herb toothpaste was different. But the toothpaste making machine is still the same.

They drove back to Shanghai after the meeting and we will follow up him goes back to Taiwan. If you have interest in our mixer, welcome to make a field inspection of our factory.

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