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July 29, 2017
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Taiwanese Customer Ordered a 20 Liters Lab Vacuum Mixer From Ginhong
August 18, 2017

One ZX-1.5KW Inline High Shear Mixer Sent to Vietnam to Emulsify Diesel

One ZX-1.5KW inline high shear mixer prevailed among the laboratory was sent to a Vietnamese new energy company from Ginhong through a trading company last Saturday. This equipment was purchased for the use of emulsifying diesel in the lab.

One ZX-1.5KW Inline High Shear Mixer Sent to Vietnam to Emulsify Diesel
This new customer found us by the Internet and sent inquiry for ZX-1.5KW inline high shear mixer and JX-2.2KW batch homogenizer through company website. Finally, he picked ZX-1.5KW inline homogenizer as the trial order, and delegated one Chinese agent to handle the import affairs. If the inline high shear mixer can fully satisfy their need of emulsifying diesel fuel, he will certainly buy a larger inline high shear mixer for his workshop.

ZX inline high shear mixer

ZX inline high shear mixer is a precise combination of rotor and stator, which produces a powerful shear force in high-speed rotation to realize dispersion, homogenization and emulsification preliminary. For the purpose of emulsification, the efficient on-line dispersing equipment is installed on the pipeline to process the material in succession and eliminate the quality difference between the batches.

The inner mixer body is mainly composed of external chamber and internal chamber, and the external material of the pump is stainless steel type SS316, which is durable and hard to rust.The internal structure of the pump chamber is also made of stainless steel and more corrosive and antiwear than the outside. It’s better to distinguish some of the oxidative fluids without causing the pump to be damaged.

Emulsion pump can be applied to emulsify or scatter multiphase liquid medium continuously, and convey the low viscosity of the liquid medium. It can also mix powder and liquid in proportion continuously, which is widely used in the field of cosmetic, food, medicine, chemical, oil, paint, nano materials etc.

1.5kw high shear mixer

Emulsified Fuels are emulsions composed of water and a combustible liquid, either oil or a fuel. Emulsions are a particular example of a dispersion comprising a continuous and a dispersed phase. In the case of emulsions both phases are the immiscible liquids, oil and water.
Emulsion fuels can be either a microemulsion or an ordinary emulsion.

Emulsifying diesel is a way to mix water and fuel in an emulsifier mixer with the help of different emulsifiers, which can achieve environment and economic benefits. Addition of water to the diesel process decreases combustion temperatures and lowers NOx emissions. Plenty of researches and practice have proved that emulsified diesel will be one of the main energies in the twenty-first century.

With the growth of population in the world, the demand for energy is becoming bigger and bigger. To solve this significant problem, we must make the most of the energy. Now just few customers find the trend and turn to us for inline high shear mixer. If you also appreciate this idea, contact us to seize the new business opportunity at once.

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