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Salad dressing made by 200L open mixing tank and 7.5kw high shear inline mixer

January 10, 2016

Salad dressing is one of the most popular foods found on kitchen tables in Western countries. It’s usually made of water, soy bean oil, modified starch, mustard powder, egg, vinegar, acid regulator, sugar, salt and xanthan gum etc.

Usually we use a high shear inline mixer to make salad dressing. In this short video taken by our customer in Malaysia there’s a 200 liters open mixing tank, a 7.5kw high shear mixer, a 2.2kw lobe pump and a 1hp water chiller.

The function of this salad dressing making machine is like this. The 200L mixing tank is single jacketed which is cooled by the 1hp water chiller. An anchor agitator with Teflon blades works together with a fixed baffle for proper mixing.

When you make salad dressing, there will be a lot of heat when the mixing starts and viscosity builds. You need to cool down the dressing to keep it stable.

The inlet of 2.2kw lobe pump is connected to the bottom valve in 200L open top mixing tank. A 20 liters hopper was installed on this pipeline for adding different ingredients of small volumes. When you open the valve attached to this 20L hopper, the ingredients will be sucked into the stream of product by vacuum suction.

The outlet of the 2.2kw rotary lobe pump is connected with the inlet of 7.5kw high shear inline mixer. Salad dressing is a semi-solid emulsion which is made of water, oil, modified starch and xanthan gum etc. High shear mixer is used to disperse, emulsify and homogenize these ingredients to get stable dressing. It is the most important part of this salad dressing making system.

The outlet of the 7.5kw inline mixer is connected back to the top valve on the 200L manufacturing tank. So it’s a closed system for salad dressing circulating from mixing tank to lobe pump to high shear mixer and back to mixing tank. This process guarantees that the dressing is fully mixed well.

An electric control panel is responsible for control each motor, pump, inverter and other electrical components of the system. The industrial power in Malaysia is 415V which is OK for our standard 380V motors and pumps.

In some salad dressing formulas there’re not much starch and gum as ingredients which will make the dressing less viscous. In this case you can remove the lobe pump as the high shear inline mixer can pump the product for circulation directly.

If you want to make salad dressing, please don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiry. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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