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perfume mixer with integrated chiller

General details of XS series of perfume mixer with integrated chiller

What is perfume mixer with integrated chiller?

XS perfume mixer with integrated chiller is a complete mixing, chilling and filtration system for the making of perfume, cologne, deodorant and toilet water in cosmetic industry. Unlike perfume mixer with separate chiller, it’s the most compact design for making perfume in one single unit and is widely accepted in cosmetic manufacturing factories around the world.

What is perfume mixer with integrated chiller made of?

XS perfume mixing machine is usually made of mixing tank, chilling system, filtration system, diaphragm pump and electric control panel etc.

The perfume mixer is a single jacketed tank with insulation which is used to keep the chilling away when the chiller is running. There’s a spiral evaporating coil inside the perfume mixer machine. The evaporating coil is connected to the chiller with refrigerant inside.

We usually use Copeland or Danfoss comperssor for the chiller as they’re world famous in this industry. The minimum chilling temperature can go down to -15 degrees Celsius which is more than enough for mixing perfume.

The filtration system of perfume mixing machine includes two pieces of polypropylene micro porous membrane filters. The filtration capability is 1 and 0.2 micro meters each.

How does perfume mixer with integrated chiller work?

In our standard perfume mixer machine, there’s an air tube with holed branches deep inside the tank. When you apply air into this tube, the air will go out through the holes at the branches and generate a lot of bubbles. In this way, the perfume is mixed by the bubbles. No mechanic devices are needed for mixing perfume.

During the mixing operation, the ingredients (mainly alcohol and water) are pumped out from the bottom valve of the perfume mixing machine by the diaphragm pump. The perfume passes the first and second filters to get it filtered and clarified. Then the perfume goes back to the mixing tank waiting for further filtration.

At the same time, the perfume chiller works and chills the cooling medium inside the evaporating coil down to -5 degrees Celsius. The evaporating coil inside the perfume mixer transfers the chill to the perfume around it. The waste will be resolved and separated from the perfume and filtered during the circulation.

The perfume will then be transferred by the diaphargm pump to the storage tanks after several circualtions with filtration when the chilling temperature is reached.

Key features of perfume mixer with integrated chiller

  • Complete process of mixing, chilling, filtration, purifying and transferring in one perfume mixing machine
  • Working capacity from 50L to 1000L
  • Suitable for making perfume and cologne
  • Short batch time with powerful perfume chiller
  • Precise temperature probe and controller for temperature automation
  • All contact parts are made of SS304/316L and mirror polished
  • Powerful diaphragm pump to circulate and transfer the perfume
  • Polypropylene micro porous membrane with the capacity up to 0.2 micrometers
  • The specifications of perfume mixer comply with cGMP regulations
  • Push buttons control panel for easy operation
  • Power supply of 380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase

Technical specifications of perfume mixer with integrated chiller

Working capacity (L) Chiller power (hp) Filter capabiltiy (μm) Pneumatic agitator power (hp) Speed (rpm) Dimension L×W×H (mm)
50 3 0.2 0.25 900 1500×1000×1400
100 3 0.2 0.25 900 1700×1000×1500
200 3 0.2 0.25 900 1700×1000×1550
300 3 0.2 0.25 900 1750×1000×1600
500 5 0.2 0.5 750 1950×1100×1650
1000 10 0.2 0.5 750 2100×1200×2050

Applications of perfume mixing with integrated chiller

Options of perfume mixer with integrated chiller

  • Pneumatic agitator for better and quick mixing
  • Pre-mixer, storage tanks and maturing/alcoholizing tanks available upon request
  • Delta, Schneider or Siemens PLC for automation of mixing, chilling, filtering and transferring etc
  • Separate perfume mixing tank and perfume chiller with control panel design available for remote control
  • Explosion proof motors and electrics
  • Different power supply acceptable

Videos of perfume mixer with integrated chiller

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