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Refine Edible Oils

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Ginhong high shear mixers are used throughout the world for the refining of edible oils. Degumming and neutralization is typically a high volume, continuous operation. The reagent additions are a critical stage in the process, requiring the acid to be finely distributed throughout the oil and intensively mixed to accelerate the reaction and maximize yield.

The acid is added to the oil just prior to the inlet of the inline high shear mixer. The materials are drawn into the rotor stator work head and intensely mixed in the high shear zone. The fine droplet size obtained ensures the surface area of acid exposed to the oil is maximized, optimizing the reaction and obtaining full yield.

Enzymatic degumming is increasingly carried out as an alternative to conventional acid degumming, providing greater yield and a significant reduction in process water required. Ginhong high shear mixers offer several advantages in this process and are the preferred choice for companies using this method.


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