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The maximum amounts of dioxane in Bawang shampoos are 6.4ppm

March 20, 2013

Bawang shampoo with dioxane is really a hot topic recently in consumers around China and Asia mostly.

Not long after the report was released by Next Magazine based on Hong Kong, SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration), China’s food and drug watchdog, carried out an on-site test on the samples of Bawang shampoos.

SFDA issued a statement on May 16 saying that shampoos made by the Guangzhou-based herb shampoo manufacturer are safe to use. The level of a potentially carcinogenic ingredient was within standards.

The official statement gave consumers a good response that Bawang shampoos are safe. However, SFDA didn’t say how much dioxane was included in the shampoo. According to international rules, the amount of dioxane in shampoo below 100ppm is safe. What’s the dioxane content in Bawang shampoos?

SFDA released the news that the maximum amount of dioxane in several batches of Bawang shampoo samples is 6.4ppm. It’s quite a safe figure. Now consumers don’t need to worry any more.

But the effect of the incident is far away to forget. Bawang was struck heavily with the stock shares dumping 23%. Bawang made some promotions after the news released but it has no good result.

It’s reported on March, 2009 that Johnson & Johnson’s baby products also contain poisonous chemicals of dioxane.

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