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The 18th China Beauty Expo ended on May 22, 2013

May 28, 2013

The 18th China Beauty Expo ended on May 22, 2013

The 18th China Beauty Expo ended on May 22 in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The halls were decorated beautifully to generate a very good atmosphere. All kinds of perfumes floated in the air of the hall.

In the 3-day show, there were many visitors from cosmetics companies. International customers were mainly from Asia and Europe.

Compared with the 17th expo, we noticed that there were less machinery exhibitors. Take emulsifying machines for example, there were about 15 exhibitors. But at least 20 companies exhibited their mixers last year.

This beauty expo is just after the 45th China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition. So we take the same machines of RS vacuum emulsification mixer, RX vacuum homogenizing mixer and YX mixing tanks. These mixers were not opened and stayed in our showroom for just several days after Qingdao pharmaceutical expo.

An American customer came to talk about a 100L RS vacuum emulsifying mixer with Luke as scheduled. He obtains PhD degree in pharmacy and now works for a pharmaceutical company in USA. As he was originally from Congo he wants to start his own business there to make cosmetics first. He needs not only vacuum emulsifying mixers to make cream but also filling machine to fill the cream into jars and bottles.

It’s obvious that he and Luke had a nice talking. He will put the order of one 100L RS vacuum emulsifying mixer in around October.

We also met a returning customer from Malaysia. He bought one set of our 200L vacuum emulsifying mixer not long ago. He now intends to expand his cream production and will need another set of 200L vacuum emulsifying mixer soon.

Compared with China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo, China Beauty Expo has more visitors from both domestic and overseas. Although Guangzhou International Beauty Expo has cooperated with Cosmoprof Asia, China Beauty Expo is still China’s No. 1 beauty expo in cosmetics industry in China.

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