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P&G becomes IOC’s worldwide partner from 2012 to 2020

March 20, 2013

P&G (Procter & Gamble) signed an agreement with IOC (International Olympic Committee) in London on July 28th that the two sides will build the relationship of worldwide partners from 2012 London Olympic Games to 2020 Olympics.

It remarks that P&G becomes the 11th company of IOC’s TOP (Olympic Partners Programme) and the only daily chemicals company. The TOP programme was established by IOC in 1985. It’s a worldwide marketing sponsorship plan for both summer and winter Olympic Games.

P&G will provide all events organized by IOC with personal care and cosmetic products before 2020.

The worldwide partner relationship with IOC is based on this fact that P&G got a great success on sponsoring USA team in Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in 2010. This winter sponsor obtained a good result. People has a better attitude to P&G. The market percentage of P&G increases. The sales of its personal care products and cosmetics increased around 100 millions US dollars.

Through the worldwide partner relationship with IOC, P&G will carry out its expansion strategies and help beautify the lives of worldwide athletes, mothers and their family.

P&G will sponsor athletes and national teams. From the company level, P&G will promote its experience in 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, continue to support the family of Olympic athletes and expand its “care mother” campaign worldwide.

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