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P-MEC China 2013 closed on June 27th in Shanghai New International Expo Centre

July 5, 2013

P-MEC China 2013 closed on June 27th in Shanghai New International Expo Centre

P-MEC China 2013, together with CPhI, ICSE, BioPh, InnoPack & LABWorld China 2013, opened on June 25th and closed on 27th in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. It’s the anual trade show for one of the most famous pharmaceutical events in pharmaceutical world.

“In 2012, the size of the Chinese pharmaceutical market reached 926.1 billion RMB, and is expected to expand at an annual rate of 12% from 2013 to 2020” announced Nik Rudge, Managing Director at UBM Live. “Today, leading Chinese CROs and pharmaceutical companies are able to offer high quality, cost-effective services on a global scale with growth rates forecast to far outpace the rest of the industry. The increasing ability of Chinese companies to meet international standards in drug quality and safety, coupled with strong growth in the local market, makes this is a must attend event for any pharmaceutical company in 2013 – whether Chinese, regional or international in focus.”

There’re more visitors this year although it rained during the three days. More international customers came and most them were from India, Pakistan and Middle East. In our booth, some customers showed strong interest in our RX series ointment making machine which adopts bottom entry inline homogenizer design. It’s quite suitable for making both W/O and O/W emulsions.

In a word, P-MEC China 2013 is a successful pharmaceutical expo and we’re satisfied with its effect. Please contact us if you have any inquiry about our pharmaceutical mixing machines.

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