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Fujifilm introduces its functional skincare products to China in this September

June 20, 2010

Fujifilm introduces its functional skincare products to China in this September

Fujifilm Corporation has announced to sell its ASTALIFT series of skincare products to Chinese market from September 16, 2010 as its first step to worldwide marketing.

Many people were astonished when they first heard that Fujifilm makes cosmetics as well. Actually ASTALIFT is a renowned brand of functional skincare products in Japanese market. It’s famous for its main function as anti-aging and is popular in young ladies.

Fujifilm is well-known for its film and cameras with more than 70 years’ history. During these years’ research and development of photosensitive materials, Fujifilm accumulates a wide range of technologies relating to life sciences.

With these new technologies Fujifilm firstly introduced ASTLIFT series in 2007 and it’s overwhelmingly welcomed by the women who want to keep their skin as young as possible.

Fujifilm is not the first company which explores a completely different area compared with their core business. We all know that Coca Cola is the world’s number one coke manufacturer. But it becomes to sell cosmetics, too. Pepsi is Coca Cola’s only competitor worldwide and it has entered sports garments industry.

Bawang International, who was troubled in dioxane controversy lately, has introduced tea drinks. Sony is another IT giant and it also sells its own branded cosmetics.

Fujifilm’s survey shows that China’s cosmetics and beauty market has grown dramatically recently and is expected to keep expanding at the rate of 10% each year.

Take skincare section for instance, people’s demand especially women’s demand for anti-aging, whitening and other functional skincare products has been climbing. And Chinese has similar skin elements as Japanese. That’s why Fujifilm is confident to choose Chinese market as its first stop to sell its ASTLIFT series.

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