DuPont’s Surlyn adds value to soft packaging

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During the ”Make Up in Paris” event on June 20-21, 2013, DuPont de Nemours highlighted the application of Surlyn. Successfully approved for its glass-like properties when injection moulded, Surlyn can also bring a strong added value for soft packaging when used as outer layer of a multi-layer blow moulding cosmetic container.

These qualities were used in a series of tottles (tube + bottle) which have been especially designed in the frame of the joint development with Strand Cosmetics Europe about “Brush-Formula couples: winning teams for flawless complexion”.

DuPont's Surlyn adds value to soft packaging

“The extreme glossy look of the tottle given by the outer layer made with Surlyn positions this tottle as a perfect candidate for selective cosmetic products. Moreover the outstanding scratch resistance of the DuPont resin increases the shelf life of the tottle, by maintaining premium aesthetics across its use. The transparency of Surlyn is also magnifying the pigments that may be introduced in the intermediate layer of this 3 layer structure and it brings superior visual effects and cost effective solution in comparison with a coating,” claims DuPont.

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