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Ginhong is a leading Chinese supplier manufacturing different kinds of industrial mixers and blenders by advanced mixing technology. Our main products include vacuum homogenzier mixersvacuum emulsifying mixers, vacuum emulsifier mixers, high shear mixers and other stainless steel mixer machines etc. With customers all over the world, and serving industries as diverse as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and chemicals, Ginhong has become one of the top manufacturers in the field of industrial mixing and blending.

The success is based on the professionalism and commitment Ginhong shows to each of our customer’s unique requirements. Whether supplying machines from standard range of mixers or designing equipment specifically to meet an individual customer’s needs, quality is always the first concern and is well guaranteed.

Developing and applying new techniques on mixing process to meet customer’s increasing needs, Ginhong has the experience, knowledge and commitment to both quality and service to solve today’s mixing needs and those of the future.

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