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YX-1000 open mixing tank delivered to a cosmetic company in Latvia

June 5, 2013

YX-1000 open mixing tank delivered to a cosmetic company in Latvia

One set of YX-1000 open mixing tank was delivered to Shanghai port today. The tank is used to make shampoo with electric heating system and a working platform. It’s a repeat customer as they once bought a 300L mixing tank with the same design one year ago.

Our YX series of mixing tanks are widely used to make shampoo, conditioner and shower gel etc in cosmetic industry. It’s usually composed of a double jacketed tank for heating and cooling, an anchor agitator for mixing the ingredients and a control panel to control the speed the agitator and the temperature of product mixed. To make better product, some customers prefer to add an inline high shear mixer or a bottom mounted batch high shear mixer to get perfect particle size.

During the manufacturing of this open mixing tank, customer sent an inspection agent to come to our factory for inspection. He mainly inspected the jacket pressure capability of 3bar. We pressurized the jacket with 3bar and it didn’t drop at all after 24 hours. Pressure tight is very important for customer because they’ll heat the tank with pressure which makes heating faster. An air expansion tank is installed in the piping of the jacket together with pressure gauge and safety valve. The purpose of this system is for safety concern. If the pressure inside the piping is higher than the working pressure of safety valve, the pressure will be released automatically.

If you have same requirement about a closed electric heating system, please remember to add this air expansion tank to protect the machine. For more info about our YX open mixing tank, please feel free to contact us and our sales people will give a detailed explanation.

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