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Workers in Ginhong resumed to work after Chinese New Year holidays

March 5, 2015

It’s been two weeks after the Chinese New Year holidays. Workers in Ginhong from different cities around the country started to come back to work today. To meet the increasing orders, we also recruited several new experienced workers.

We fired a lot of fireworks in front of the workshop. It’s a custom to fire fireworks when factories restart to work after Chinese new year. Fireworks can drive the difficulties and problems in the past year and bring good luck for new year.

After the firework firing, workers went to the workshop to clean and tidy the machines. They didn’t need to work today. They just made preparations for tomorrow’s work. We had several unfinished orders of different vacuum mixers from last year. After today’s rest we need to focus on manufacturing again.

2014 was a start year with good sales amount for our mixer machines. We got some orders for the South American cosmetics market. It includes cream mixers, hair cream mixers, wax mixers, toothpaste mixers, perfume machine and some storage vessels. We also sold our machines to some new countries including Georgia, Israel and Tanzania. Several food manufacturers ordered vacuum emulsifying mixers for making mayonnaise and ketchup.

The sales aim of 2015 is to double the sales volume. We’ll keep improving our existing machines and try to develop new models of mixers. We’ll keep exploring the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries and expand new market in food and chemicals industries. We’ll keep serving Asian market and try to promote our machines in new economics especially in African market.

Tomorrow is another day. We wish Ginhong will be doing good in 2015 and serve more customers both home and abroad. If you’re interested in our mixer machines, please feel free to contact us. We’d like to send you a detailed quotation for reference.

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