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Two sets of RS vacuum emulsifying mixers delivered to Bangkok, Thailand

March 17, 2013

Two sets of 200L vacuum emulsifying mixers were sent to Customs warehouse late this afternoon.

Our standard RS emulsifying mixer is equipped with hydraulic lifting system and tilting system. In this way, it’s easy for operators to view the production, clean the vessel and do the maintenance. Because of tight budget, this Thai customer asked us to take bolted cover instead of hydraulic system. The main functions of the vacuum emulsifying mixers are the same.

Customers will use them to make gum drop in food industry. They need powerful vacuum to remove the bubbles during mixing. Then they can get pure gum product. So we used SIHI vacuum pump for their mixers. Germany brand. Very good pumps.

We look forward to building long term business relationship with customer. As customer is in food industry, we’ll learn more from their experiences and enhance our knowledge about the applications of our food mixers.

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