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Syrian customers visited Ginhong for perfume making machines

February 10, 2014

Some Syrian customers with their Chinese agent visited Ginhong after Chinese new year holidays to buy one set of perfume making machine.

The customer comes from Damascus, Syria and has a cosmetic factory under construction. The factory has two parts as perfumery making and cream making. The perfume making workshops will be finished first and the cream workshops will be finished early next year.

Customer firstly contacted us for the quotation of some perfume making machines in May 2013. Now as the construction of perfume workshops comes to an end, customer decided to come to China for finalizing the perfume making machine. They choose our factory as their first stop.

Along with the perfume making machine, customer also need some storage tanks to work with it.

After confirming the technical specifications with customer, we gave the offer of one set of 500L perfume making machine and several 500L and 1000L storage tanks.

Customer also requested the quote of one set of 200L RS vacuum emulsifying mixer. They will take the emulsifying mixer to make cream and lotion early next year.

Perfumery is very popular in Middle East. Almost everybody likes to use perfumery every day. So it’s a very large market for our perfume making machines in Middle East. We welcome perfume manufacturers to contact us to buy our quality perfume making machines.

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