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Some Lebanese customers in cosmetic industry visited our factory

June 8, 2013

Although it’s Saturday today, a group of three people from Beirut, Lebanon visited our factory. They’re from a cosmetic manufacturing company with the head office located in Lebanon and factory in Senegal, West Africa.

They get to know our company from one of our friends in Paris, France. They’re interested in the emulsifying equipment for making cream, lotion, wax and toothpaste etc. They’ve studied our new website before coming to China and found RB emulsifier machine may be the right equipment for their new factory.

Our RB emulsifier machine has the horizontal in line homogenizer which connects with the contra mixing tank by pipes. They’re considering that if the in line homogenizer doesn’t work with any reason; they can quickly and easily replace it with a new one without disassemble the whole equipment.

Africa is a very potential market for cosmetic manufacturing factories and cosmetic manufacturing equipment. Many investors from Europe and Middle East have factories there. Africa itself can’t make the cosmetic manufacturing equipment. So almost all related equipment should be imported from abroad. China is the world’s factory now and makes good quality cosmetics manufacturing equipment for making cream, lotion, wax and toothpaste etc. Compared with European competitors, our price is more favorable in African market. The quality is good too.

The meeting with the Lebanon’s customers went very well. We’ll send them the complete drawings and quote after the meeting. We sincerely hope that we would make the deal with them and bring them quality emulsifying equipment.

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