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RS-250 production vacuum emulsifying mixer sent to Lattakia, Syria

March 20, 2013

One set of RS-250 production vacuum emulsifying mixer was sent to Ningbo Port today. The destination of this emulsifying machine is Port of Lattakia, Syria. The machine is for a pharmaceutical factory to make ointment.

Our RS vacuum emulsifying mixer is one of the most popular vacuum emulsifier homogenizers among our customers worldwide. It’s widely used to make ointment and paste in pharmaceutical factories. We’ve sold dozens of RS vacuum emulsifying mixers to Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

For this 250L ointment making machine, customer is not the end user. They’re an engineering company in Syria and are well-known in pharmaceutical area. They’re the sole agent of several types of pharmaceutical machines in Syrian market. Most of these pharmaceutical machines are made by Chinese manufacturers.

Customer got to know us from the internet and we had a very pleasant communication about the technical issues between us. The general manager told us that it’s the good communication experience that drives them to choose our RS vacuum emulsifying mixer.

The machine has been finished soon after the order was put. Due to some other reasons, customer postponed to pick it up until this month. If you want to make pharmaceutical ointment or paste, please contact us to get a detailed quote.

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