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Order of 500L perfume mixer by a customer from UAE

September 28, 2013

A perfume manufacturer from UAE put an order of one set of XS-500 perfume mixer with integrated chiller, two sets of YX-300 closed mixing tanks and some CG-300 closed storage tanks. It’s a returning customer who once bought some of our mixers in 2008.

This customer has two cosmetic factories with one in Tehran, Iran and one in Dubai, UAE. The Iranian factory mainly makes skin care, body care and hair care products. And the factory in UAE mainly makes all kinds of perfumes.

Perfume is very popular in Middle East. Almost everybody we met before used strong perfume. Maybe it’s a tradition for them to use perfume from young ages. When we Chinese think that the smell of perfume is very strong, they may think it’s just fine.

We once had a Lebanese lady visiting our factory for perfume mixer. She took too much of strong perfume. When she got on the car, the car was full of the smell that we have to open the window to let the fresh air in. She visited our workshop and then the workshop was full of the smell of her perfume for one or two days.

This customer makes perfume and buys a lot of essences and fragrances from China every year. As they don’t know any perfume mixer supplier in China, they asked its essence supplier to help find quality suppliers. Their essence supplier met us in a beauty expo and recognized the quality of our machines. Then they bought the mixers from us and sold them to this customer.

This year customer searched the internet and found our company directly. He then contacted us for a new quote of the above mentioned perfume mixer, mixing tanks and storage tanks. The communication was good and customer was satisfied by the results.

They now put orders directly on us. It saves some money and saves time because essence supplier doesn’t know much our perfume mixers. They know essences well and can keep doing essence business with customer.

Our manufacturing department has started to arrange for the manufacturing of the ordered 500L perfume mixer and other machines. We’ll keep the good relation with customer and serve them better in future.

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